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Bow & Arrow is conceived for the free-spirit with a firm sense of self. Someone who holds steadfast their goals, values and ideals. This is embodied in our Archer emblem which symbolises true aim, and the flying of its arrow represents a passage through the past, present and future.

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A Star Is Born

Just like each star has a unique spectrum, each of us has a unique place in the world. Discover your essence and embrace it with our personalised deluxe pieces for a statement that is irreplaceably you. Our keepsake pieces are also reminders to live your potential and see your dreams through.

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Memories Define Who You Are

Philosopher John Locke’s memory theory suggests that a person’s identity reaches as far as their memory extends into the past. When a person’s memory disappears, so does their identity. Capture your life’s special moments with our modern day time capsules.

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Designs That Transcend Time

Architects of the finer things in life, we create enduring jewellery designs with exquisite details that withstand the passage of time. Our star maps feature minimalistic clean lines to house precious everlasting memories.

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Stellar Craftmanship

We are committed to deliver world-class products. Our made-to-order pieces are skilfully crafted by experienced artisans every step of the way. Starting from the beginning, we take ownership of design, jewellery making, printing and custom photo frame making. Your one of a kind pieces are well taken care of from our hands to yours.

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Eco-Conscious Design

Paying tribute to mother earth, our products are made with respect to nature as we strive to use sustainable materials throughout our product lifecycles.

  • Star Map Tree-Free YUPO Synthetic Paper
  • Wooden Photo Frame With Glass Panel
  • Paper Jewellery Gift Box